Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My 2nd Attempt At Composing

 Hi all,
So now that I have one piece of music under my belt, I am faced with writing another score for another of Alexander Peacock's films. I feel I am facing the problems that many modern bands face when writing their second album. It is all very well coming up with one piece of work, but people really judge you on the second one, and the differences, the continuities and the evolution between the two.

So...basically, with this next film I want to write some music which isnt just another "A City You'll Never Know" soundtrack. The previous film was very dark, sinister and creepy at places and I wrote my music to match that. The upcoming film deals with one man's attempt to escape a mediocre lifestyle and pursue his artistic interests, ultimately ending in humiliation. Now, this film is obviously going to be bleak, but not at all to the extent of the previous film- so how do I approach the music? That is the challenge I face, I have put two examples of recent ideas below, check them both out:

Idea 1                  Idea 2

Cheers guys


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