Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A City You'll Never Know (continued)

Okay so I have neglected this blog a bit....for months actually and since my previous post, the film has been completed- music and all. It is viewable at Vimeo here : Part 1 and here : Part 2. It has been split into two parts to avoid compromising picture and audio quality (since Vimeo only allows 500mb maximum filespace per upload).

Whilst the main theme of  the film is unchanged from what I said in the previous post, the film has grown from a runtime of 15min to 40mins!! Generally, I stuck true to one musical theme throughout the film, one that occurs at several points throughout the film in slightly different forms- mainly in transitional scenes, at the beginning and at the end. I experimented a bit with associating music with characters- for example the prominent character wearing the white mask.  The music tends to be split between either being mainly acoustic (or emulated acoustic at least) or quite effects heavy (such as the beach scene, and the opening credits).

I am very happy with this score, its my first real attempt at composing. Take a listen, enjoy the film and check out more of Alexander Peacock's films on Vimeo.



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