Saturday, 23 May 2009

A City You'll Never Know

Okay so I am writing music for a short film. This short film is between 10 and 15mins long, in black & white and set on the streets of Aberdeen. Basically, a the lead role wanders the streets, encountering different characters- these characters will be structured as 4 or 5 episodes. Logically, my first thought was to have individual themes- leitmotifs- for each episode to make them distinctive. Inbetween each episode/encounter, while the character wanders the streets, a main theme would repeat- with possible slight changes. The music is guitar based, a draws influence from Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and other 70s Psychadelic Progressive Rock music. I have uploaded working excerpts of ideas I have been working with.

The idea below is the introduction. Although what I have uploaded starts rather abruptly, I am hoping for the final recording to have more of a build-up towards the guitar 'screeches'. This part of the film is quite energetic, with the lead character running through the streets, and I have written the music to hopefully match that.

The next idea is an acoustic break. Although the music is less intense, and more relaxing than other sections- this idea is written for a section where the music will be more at the forefront- where there will be less dialogue.

Stay tuned for more uploads as the film progresses.....

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